About Richard Riley
Riley Replicas is a Virginia based studio specializing in making your wildest dreams come true!

Riley Replicas is able to offer replicas of movie props, fantasy creatures, themed rooms, custom furniture and everything else in between!

Our client list includes private collectors, museums, amusement parks, haunted houses, zoos and countless other businesses. Quality products, customer satisfaction and meeting your deadline are our primary goals.


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Styrofoam Artist and Sculptor Richard Riley

Artist and sculptor Richard Riley is the owner of Riley Replicas studio. He has been offering his sculpting services since 2001. Every project offers a new set of challenges that he is always ready to face head on! The more outlandish and over the top the project the happier he is! He loves to push the limits of his abilities and strives to not only give the customer what they envisioned but to go above and beyond their expectations.

Richard has been featured on:

Making Monsters

Richard has created replicas for these top brands:

Universal Studios, Kings Dominion, Six Flags, Robotoki, IGT, Tom Spina Designs