Spidey Sense Tingling!

Hello all! Today I’m going to shed some light on how I converted a small bathroom into a Spiderman themed room! I was approached by a client who’s husband is a HUGE Spidey fan. She wanted to give him a Birthday present he would never forget!

Developing the Concept

The bathroom is small, about 5 by 5 feet. I needed to have as much impact with the space allotted so I was given free reign over how it would be designed. Initially, I was going to showcase Spiderman in the bathroom, but after weighing various factors, I settled on showcasing some of the most popular villains of Spiderman! I thought this would provide a more dramatic experience for the client and also give the room more interest by focusing on multiple characters.

For the final concept, I decided to create a brick wall that would have the various villains from Spideys rogue gallery! But due to the limited space, I went with just elements of the villains such as the hand for Sandman, a pumpkin bomb for the Green Goblin, an eye for the Lizard, etc.

Building the Spidey Themed Room

The wall was designed to be a removable unit so that I could build the piece off site and so it could be removed at a later date if need be. In addition to the previously mentioned villians, I also selected to include some shelves with spider webbing on them, a mirror with webbing, and copies of the comic book covers showcasing Spiderman’s first appearance and also the first appearance of him in the black costume.

Final Results

Thankfully, the husband loved his “AMAZING” new bathroom. The wife recently told me he is always adding new figures and collectibles to the shelves. In fact, the husband likes the bathroom so much that his wife hired me a SECOND TIME to create an addition as a Christmas present. So I created a cut out to go over the door showing Spideys ultimate villain; Venom the black symbiote!

This project allowed me to really stretch my creativity and challenged me to make the most of every inch of space! I love projects that test my limits and cause me to grow as an artist. I’m looking forward to creating another themed room in the future!

Now Its Your Turn

Do you like the design I came up with for this themed room? Please let me know what kind of elements you would have wanted in a Spiderman Themed Room in the comments below. Also, please sign up to my mailing list so you won’t miss out on my latest blog post or project!


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