Web Of Spider-man #32 Cover Based On Artwork From Mike Zeck

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This piece is based off of a comic book story that involved Spider-man facing down one of his greatest enemies Kraven the Hunter. Kraven had always tried to beat Spider-man but to no avail. Kraven decides that the best way to beat Spider-man is to be his better! He tranquilizes Spider-man, buries him in a grave and then proceeds to wear Spider-mans costume and in some ways be a better Spider-man than Spider-man! Of course Spidey eventually comes to and finds his way out of his own grave! This piece is made to replicate the cover of Web Of Spider-man #32 which has artwork from Mike Zeck showing out hero "rising" from the grave! This is a great story and is always on the list of the "Best of" story arcs.

Web Of Spider-man #32 Cover Replica

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